RIPS® Bite-Size Pieces


Good to the last bite! RIPPLY has licorice in the bag with his RIPS® Bite-Size licorice pieces. Easy to eat and hard to put down, these bite-size pieces pack a powerful flavor combination. Our slightly sour licorice is sugar sanded for a burst of intense sweet and sour flavor. You can’t eat just one! Flavors include: Strawberry & Green Apple, Peelable Rainbow, Mango Chili, Cherry, Rippin’ Reds® and Watermelon.

RIP Rolls®

RIPPLY was on a roll when he invented our sweet and slightly sour Rip ROLLS®. You’ll love the sweet sugar combined with the sour fruity goodness in this awesome licorice experience! The taste is intense, so buckle up and get ready for the ride! Rip ROLLS® are available in these flavors: Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, Watermelon, Rainbow Reaction, and Cherry.


Everyone will LOVE the NEW RIPS® Strawberry GIANT Belt! The GIANT Belt features 3.4 oz. of the same great taste as the RIPS® Strawberry Bite-Size licorice, just much longer!

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Hello! RIPPLY here doing what I do best: revolutionizing the licorice candy game. But it hasn’t been all fun and piles of sugar for me. Not long ago I was just a sliver of my former self. Folks said I was too small to invent intense fruit flavored candy in a dazzling array of flavors and colors. But that was my dream. I wanted it so badly I could taste it. Thanks to the good folks that work here, I can live my dream and share my love of licorice with everyone! My RIPS® Bite-Size Licorice and Rip ROLLS® are works of sugar-coated art that look (in my opinion) as good as they taste. Believe it or not, we’ve got more licorice innovations just waiting for you to try!



  • 1978 | The Foreign Candy Company, Inc. was founded.

    From a small town in Iowa comes great things in candy innovation since 1978!

  • 1983 | The Black Forest® gummy bears were introduced.

    In 1983 the company developed in Germany the HUGE Original Black Forest® Brand of gummy candies for sale in all US retail channels.

  • 1991 | Extreme sour candy Mega Warheads® were introduced.

    WOW! The Foreign Candy Company, Inc developed, in Asia, the HUGE BRAND-Mega Warheads® Sour Candies.

  • 2000 | Peter DeYager, President, CEO, and Owner recieved the Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

  • 2003 | RIPS® Licorice was introduced.

    The RIPS® Brand, developed in Europe and Asia, is the highly preferred sweet and slightly sour coated licorice brand in the US.

  • 2013 | RIPS® Rippin® Reds and RIPS® Watermelon were introduced.

  • 2013 | The Foreign Candy Company, Inc. built a new corporate office.

    The Foreign Candy Company, Inc. also celebrated 35 years of success!

  • 2014 | RIPPLY the inventor was introduced.

    Thanks to the good folks at Foreign Candy, RIPPLY can live his dream and share his love of licorice with everyone!

  • 2017 | Rips® Peelable Rainbow was introduced.



These are just a few of our very proud RIPS retailers. There are many more across the country as well as in your neighborhood. If your local retailer doesn't currently carry RIPS product, please make sure you request RIPS so everyone can enjoy them!